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What We Do

Analyze a Need

Analyze customer needs, and determine what is needed to make our service more accessible, acceptable, and useful to the customer.

Design a Solution

Designing a solution that connects the current situation to the desired future, that is secure, scalable, and predicts trends.

Provide a Service

Providing a secure way to access or store information through the internet anywhere, anytime, and any on device with a web browser at a desired price.

Take Full Control of Your Business

A whole host of features to provide the customized solution for your organization is now a reality. From scheduling and messages to payroll and data analytics, it is now easier than ever for your business to succeed. Whether you have been in business for decades and want the latest technology or you are trying to get your start-up off the ground, SoftAge Systems is the only solution you need.

Service Oriented

Modules are combined to create the ideal solution for any business by giving access over many platforms.

Mobile Enabled

The strategy of a cloud based, mobile platform leverages technologies to create solutions for all individuals and organizations.

Network Security

Preventing unauthorized traffic as authenticated users transmit information between multiple applications through secured protocols.

Collaboration Tools

Messaging, faxing, and multiple API's are integrated into a single application, reducing expenses and increases productivity.

Reporting Tools

Intuitively designed to allow access and transmission of important information to other entities.

Visualization Tools

Driving the future by analyzing data captured to help users to make more informed decisions and increase positive outcomes.

Data Barcoding

2D barcodes store information to be accessed by individuals or organizations with simple barcode scanners.

Document Management

Scan, categorize, and maintain documents which can be accessed any time using your mobile device or desktop.

Survey Tools

Design easy to use surveys and track results and trends in real time for anything your organization needs.

Customers in the Industry


Managing online patient registration, provider schedules, receive and transmit electronic lab results, and community referrals can reduce errors and improve work flow. This will reduce cost and improve efficiency.


The convergence of IT and teaching methodologies will revolutionize the way students learn and will drive both students and faculty to higher level of creativity, performance, and interaction.


Law firms have unique needs for compliance and security. They are the second and in some cases the third party receivers of highly confidential information from both their clients and the clients of opposing counsel.


With growing numbers of businesses taking their products and services to the web, offering greater reach and accessibility of their items to their existing and potential clients is vital.